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Lee Health Careers

Your Voice/Navigator Program

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Your Voice/Navigator Program

At Lee Health, your voice matters. No one is closer to the jobs at Lee Health than the employees who do them on a daily basis. So it makes sense that the best ideas for improving our system come from within. Every Lee Health employee has a say in shaping our system.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

We encourage our employees to candidly share their opinions, suggestions, and concerns. At Lee Health, employee-input is highly valued across all departments and taken seriously. For that reason, Lee Health conducts an Employee Satisfaction Survey annually, so every departemnt has a chance to be heard.

Navigator Program

Navigating a new job or work environment can be tough. We've taken a unique approach to shortening the learning curve by assigning each new hire a Navigator to support him or her during the adjustment period. Navigators are usually teammates or peers. Navigators will never be a new employee’s direct supervisor – he or she will act as a peer-mentor and guide to learning the ropes.

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