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Location: Fort Myers, FL
Categories: Management, Nursing
Type: Full-Time
Shift: -
Schedule: Days


Supports the mission and purpose of the Patient Care Services division through leadership that establishes and maintains an efficient and effective process for key decision making and change management for interdisciplinary practice, plan of care content and documentation decisions. The Interdisciplinary Practice & Documentation Director coordinates the overall process for both paper (short term) and electronic (long term) plans of care with a focus in the acute care setting. The Interdisciplinary Practice & Documentation Director utilizes nursing research and evidence-based practice knowledge to progress the development and continued maintenance of interdisciplinary plans of care. Major responsibilities include active participation in the quality improvement process, track and facilitate plans of care through the development process, coordinate education programs related to plans of care, act as a resource and role model for clinical leaders and staff regarding plans of care, and perform other related duties as assigned. Fiscal responsibility includes project budgets, measurable outcomes, and pre-post-ongoing measurements.


Education: Masters’ Degree in Nursing required

Registered Nurse-Board Certified (RN-BC)

Experience: 3 to 5 years of acute RN experience with previous nursing leadership experience. Demonstrated expertise in leadership, nursing education, nursing research and evidence-based practice, and project management. Demonstrated clinical experience in a variety of clinical settings. Experience in informatics and with electronic charting; experience with CPOE beneficial.

License: Current RN Florida Licensure or eligible for RN Licensure in the State of Florida

Other: Demonstrated:
1) effective leadership skills; change agent and mentor
2) knowledge of outcomes management and process improvement methods
3) ability to communicate, collaborate and consult effectively with all members of the multi-disciplinary team
4) advanced clinical practice
5) data management skills
6) ability to see projects through from inception to completion
7) knowledge of current research and evidence-based practice methodologies
8) knowledge of systems and the change process
9) successful organizational and project management
10) successful mentoring process

General Requirements (has the ability to.)
Sit - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Stand - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Walk - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Drive - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Bend - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Kneel - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Crouch - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Reach - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)

Sensory Requirements (has ability for.)
Seeing Fine Details - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Hearing Norm Speech - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Hearing Overhead Pages - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Telephone use - Continually ( i.e. Daily)

Mental & Emotional Requirements (ability to.)
Cope with high level of stress - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Make decisions under high pressure - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Cope with anger/fear/hostility of others in a calm way - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Manage altercations - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Concentrate - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Handle a high degree of flexibility - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Handle multiple priorities in stressful situation - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Work alone - Continually ( i.e. Daily)
Demonstrate high degree of patience - Continually ( i.e. Daily)

Hand Manipulation (ability with.)
Simple Grasping - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Firm Grasping - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Fine Manipulation - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
Use of Keyboards - Continually ( i.e. Daily)

Required Lifting (ability to lift.)
Up to 10 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
11 to 24 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
25 to 34 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)

Pushing/Pulling (ability to push and pull.)
Up to 10 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)
11 to 24 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly)