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Job Details

Customer Service Representative

Location: Fort Myers, FL
Categories: Service/Support
Type: Full-Time
Shift: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM
Schedule: Days


A customer service representative is the first point of contact for patients entering our facilities. The customer service representative creates patient records by obtaining and entering demographics, insurance, and financial information at the time of check in, scheduling and or registration. The representative contacts insurance companies and authorization entities as needed to complete authorization requirements for patient visits.

Other responsibilities include completing check out procedures at completion of patient visit, answering telephones, including scheduling appointments, data entry, creating and routing telephone encounters, and communication with offices and hospitals.

Our representatives also assist in obtaining, scanning and sending medical records into an Electronic Medical Records system, ensuring the information in the EMR is correct.

The primary emphasis is on delivering exceptional customer service to patients. Our Customer Service Representatives are expected to display professionalism and promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. They must maintain confidentiality standards as defined by health system policies and must be able to work independently.


Education: High School graduate or Equivalent Experience: Minimum of 1-3 years experience in customer relation role Training: Familiar with Practice Management Systems License: None Other: Excellent customer service and computer skills required. Ability to solve problems and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

Job Specifications (Physical & Mental Requirements) External and internal applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled, must be able to perform the essential job specific functions (listed within each job specific responsibility) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by the organization on a case by case basis. If the requirement is not marked, then it is considered not applicable. General Requirements (has the ability to…) Sit - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Stand - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Walk - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Drive - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Bend - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Climb - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Kneel - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Crouch - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Twist - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Maintain Balance - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Reach - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Sensory Requirements (has ability for…) Near Vision - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Seeing Fine Details - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Hearing Norm Speech - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Hearing Overhead Pages - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Telephone use - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Mental & Emotional Requirements (ability to…) Cope with high level of stress - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Make decisions under high pressure - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Cope with anger/fear/hostility of others in a calm way - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Manage altercations - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Concentrate - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Handle a high degree of flexibility - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Handle multiple priorities in stressful situation - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Work alone - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Demonstrate high degree of patience - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Adapt to shift work - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Work in areas that are close and crowded - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Hand Manipulation (ability with…) Simple Grasping - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Firm Grasping - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Fine Manipulation - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Use of Keyboards - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Required Lifting (ability to lift…) 35 to 50 lbs - Occasionally ( i.e. monthly) Pushing/Pulling (ability to push and pull…) Over 100 lbs - Occasionally ( i.e. monthly) Environmental (may be exposed to…) Infectious Diseases - Continually ( i.e. Daily)